The Easiest Customer Rewards Program.


We sincerely appreciate your embroidery design business and to express our thanks you will receive an automatic discount on each and every design order you place, not just on one design but on your entire order. You'll even receive your discount on any designs on sale.

There's No Catch.  No Fine Print.

There are no membership fees, no expiration date, no coupon code to remember.
In short: There is no catch!

Here's How It Works

We'll keep track of your total design orders and as you reach the various gemstone levels shown below your automatic discount increases. The more designs you buy the more you save. And you can always see your current discount level by signing in. The chart below shows how fast your savings will grow with each and every design order.

Got a Question?

Q: Will my discount ever "cash in"?
A: Your discount can only go up, it will never go down. And it is good on every design order you place.

Q: How do I apply my discount?
A: You don't have to do anything. Your discount is automatically applied to your orders. You'll see your savings before your purchase.

Q: And there's no time limit?
A: Nope, no time limit and no minimum purchase either. Every design order, no matter how small, counts toward the program and greater savings.

Q: How much can I save?
A: Believe it or not, up to 50%!

Here's How Much You Can Save

Level Total of Previous Design Orders Automatic

This program applicable to online machine embroidery design purchases.