Lambs of God: 3 Design Set

In Christian symbolism the lamb represents Jesus, Agnus Dei, the "lamb of God".
When standing with a banner, the lamb represents the risen Christ.
When standing with a cross, it symbolizes the passion of Christ.
Seated on a throne or a book, the lamb represents the judgment of Christ.
  • These designs are available for the 5" x 7" hoop.
  • A thread chart for each is included.
  • The names are for descriptive purposes and are not part of the designs you will receive.
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Machine Embroidery Designs: The Triumphant Lamb

The Triumphant Lamb

Design Info

Stitches: 13,918
Width: 4.25"
Height: 4.77"
Thread Colors: 6
Machine Embroidery Designs: The Lamb of Passion

The Lamb of Passion

Design Info

Stitches: 9,622
Width: 3.26"
Height: 4.32"
Thread Colors: 7
Machine Embroidery Designs: Lamb on the Book of Seven Seals

Lamb on the Book of Seven Seals

Design Info

Stitches: 18,827
Width: 5.62"
Height: 4.08"
Thread Colors: 12
  • Hoop Size: 5" x 7" (130mm x 180mm)
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  • Thread chart included
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  • Price: $16.00
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