Cupped Hands

Cupped hands are a powerful and ancient symbol that represent openness and a willingness to be receptive to the love and power of God. It is a gesture that also reminds us that our salvation is in our hands.
  • This design is available for the 4" x 4", 5" x 7", 6.25" x 10.25" and 7.75" x 11.75" hoops.
  • The sewn out size for the 4" x 4" hoop is 3.87" W x 2.09" H with 3,395 stitches.
  • The sewn out size for the 5" x 7" hoop is 6.11" W x 3.30" H with 5,255 stitches.
  • The sewn out size for the 6.25" x 10.25" hoop is 10.07" W x 5.44" H with 10,242 stitches.
  • The sewn out size for the 7.75" x 11.75" hoop is 11.62" W x 6.28" H with 12,883 stitches.
  • This design has 1 thread color.

You must have an embroidery machine to utilize our machine embroidery designs. We sell machine embroidery designs as electronic media (software) only. We do not sell embroidered "patches" or hard copy patterns.

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